Join Succesfully the Ice Sculpture Industry
Manufacturing Business for Sale with High Gross Margins

Manufacturing Business for Sale in the ice sculpture industry. A unique small business opportunity with high gross margin and fast Return on Investment. The business of crystal clear ice sculptures is a very profitable venture with high gross margins as the only raw material you need to produce these high quality ice creations is plain tap water.

Furthermore, for this manufacturing franchise, you don’t need any special skills as the production machines are almost fully automatic. According to our calculations the pay back of your investment is 6 – 15 months.

Manufacturing Business Ideas in Detail

You have to buy from us our special proprietary equipment and reusable machine molds. We can supply you with everything that is necessary for your manufacturing business, including training.



The size of the building depends entirely on the number of production machines you intend to purchase. For example for 4 “Hercules” you need approximately 150 sq.mts or 1,500 sq.ft


Production machines are equipped with ⅜ HP condensers. The consumption is very low and similar to a large home refrigerator.

Direct Labor

The production machines are almost fully automated. You have to hire one unskilled worker to attend the machines during the production process. One technician can handle up to ten production units.

No special technical skills required.

We will train you for 3 days in our plant in Athens free of charge.

Delivery of Sculptures

To deliver them to your customers you will need a well-insulated van. If the delivery point is further than 30 minutes’ drive, we recommend you purchase a small-refrigerated truck. Try to find a used one.

Marketing Material

For this manufacturing business for investment, you will need to have your own web site, a CD with photos of these ice creations and a small mailing brochure. We will provide to you all the templates you need to minimize your initial investments.


This manufacturing business for sale provides you with all the necessary equipment. You will need:

  • Production Machines “Hercules”. We recommend at least two.
  • An Electric Winch Crane
  • A Deep Freezer
  • A set of four special tables
  • Reusable Rubber/Latex molds
  • Illuminated displays for the presentation of the sculptures

Manufacturing Business Opportunities on Ice Sculpture Market

Enjoy All the Benefits!

The “Hercules” Production Machine

One of these machines will produce approximately 12 large crystal clear ice sculptures per month.

The average selling price for one meter high is around €250.00. If you wish to produce more than 12 large sculptures per month then the only additional equipment you need to purchase is another Production Machine “Hercules”.

They are produced with a very solid and compact ice; they will maintain their original shape and design for 5-6 hours in a room temperature at 22 – 25 degrees Celsius. Outdoors, at 30 degrees Celsius the time is reduced by two hours.

Reusable Rubber Molds. You decide on how many molds you wish to purchase.

We have in stock readily available in excess of 100 design molds to choose from. Furthermore, we can make any custom mold design you wish up to one meter high (39 inches).

Our molds are made of high quality latex natural rubber with a fiberglass support frame and will last for many years.

Manufacturing business ideas in numbers!


Hercules Production Machine

One “Hercules” Production Machine will produce one large ice sculpture – one meter high – every 3 days. Therefore, one “Hercules” will produce 10 of them per month or 120 per year.


Produce sculptures in ice

If you produce smaller ice sculptures up to 40 cm high, then you will produce 30 of them per month or 360 per year.


Average selling price

The average selling price in Europe and the USA is approximately €250.00 for the large ones and € 120.00 for the smaller ones.


Annual value

The annual value of sales for all options is based on the assumption you sell everything you produce at full capacity.

Manufacturing business ideas with an option for exclusive license in your region!

A manufacturing business for sale with option for exclusivity in your region. No direct competition. Very high gross margins, in excess of 80%.


Exclusive Licensee

As an Exclusive Licensee, you will establish in your city/region a production facility for the production of a large range of high quality sculptures in ice. For this manufacturing business for sale, all necessary equipment will be supplied by Ice Gallery.


Free Training

You will be trained free of charge in our technical facilities in Athens, Greece for a period of 7 days. No special skills required.


Target Market

You can sell them to hotels, restaurants, catering houses, bars, advertising companies, athletic clubs, event organizers, corporations etc. There is a market in every social and corporate event.



Furthermore, the Exclusive Licensee will have the right to appoint sub-licensees in his geographic area by supplying them with all the necessary equipment.


All inquiries received by Ice Gallery

All inquiries received by Ice Gallery will be sent to the Exclusive Licensee for handling. We will not sell our equipment in his geographic area.