Some of Our Crystal Clear Creations
Ways of How are Ice Sculptures Made

If you are looking for methods of how are ice sculptures made that are crystal clear then you should check our that are easy to use among other production methods:

The “Ice Carving” Method

If you are a talented and experienced ice carver, you can make ice sculpture by buying ice blocks from the market place and with the use of a chain saw and chisels, carve out any design you wish.

The “Freezer Molds” Method

making-ice-sculptures Another method of how are ice sculptures made is by using special Freezer Molds. The ice sculptures you will produce with this method will be semi-clear in color similar to the ice cubes from your refrigerator. You can produce a variety of ice creations based on the mold shape that you will choose.

The “Crystal-Clear” Method

ice-sculpting This is the ultimate method for the mass production of high quality crystal clear ice sculptures up to one meter high. You will have at your disposal more than 100 impressive designs to choose from. This is a unique and proprietary technology. Ice Gallery is highly specialized in this field and can supply you with everything you need to get started.

Some of our Ice Sculpting Creations


?How long will the sculptures last at the event?
All depends on the size of the sculpture and the surrounding temperature. For example a large sculpture one meter high will maintain its original form and design after 6-8 hours in an environment with 22-24 degrees Celsius room temperature. Such a sculpture will melt entirely after 18 hours. We recommend you place the sculptures in the event hall one hour before the event.
?How do I transport the sculptures to the customers?
All depends on the size of the order, the distance from your business to the customer and last but not least the outside temperature. For example you can transport a small order in the trunk of your vehicle if the driving distance is up to 30-45 minutes and the outside temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Some of our customers use a well insulated van and others use a refrigerated/deep freeze van.
?How do I present them to my customers?
After we solved the issue of how you can make your own ice sculpture, the next important step is the presentation. We recommend you to use our special displays designed to handle all sizes of ice sculptures. These displays are very attractive in appearance and will illuminate the sculptures from underneath in a variety of colors while at the same time will handle the water from the melting ice.