Create Easily Beautiful Ice Sculptures
High Quality Ice Sculpture Machine for Mass Production

Unique ice sculpture machine for the mass production of amazing ice sculptures. The only raw material you need is plain tap water in order to produce these stunning creations up to one meter high. We have everything you need and we can help you establish successfully your own small business in your country.

We will train you free of charge in our plant in Athens and we’ ll transfer in confidence all the necessary technical information and expertise on the proprietary production process. Upon installation of the equipment in your country for your new business, you will be ready to produce high quality ice creations.


Ice Sculpting Machines with Low Operational Cost!

1. “Hercules” Machine

3. Reusable Machine Molds – you can buy as many designs as you wish.

5. Deep Freezer Room – you should buy locally

2. Electric Winch Crane – required for all the “Hercules” Production Machines.

4. Special Design Working Tables – you’ ll need four tables.

6. Illuminated Displays – you can buy as many as you wish


This business is a unique opportunity. We will provide you with our largest ice sculpture machine for the production of crystal clear ice sculptures. You will be able to produce very impressive pieces of art up to one meter high. Very simple and easy to use. No special skills required.

  • Size: Width 160 cm Depth 100cm Height 155cm
  • Weight: 200 Kilos
  • Volume: 500 Liters
  • Electric Power: 220V – 240V AC

The “Hercules” is manufactured in Greece and is fully equipped with ½ HP condenser CE approved, digital automatic thermostat and digital thermometer.


One large ice sculpture up to one meter high every 72 hours. One medium size up to 50 cm high every 48 hours. Four small ones every 12 hours


Due to the heavy weight of the large ice creations produced in the “Hercules” Production Ice Sculpture Machine, we can also provide you with the special design Electric Winch Crane. The crane is manufactured in Greece. Irrespective of the number of “Hercules” Machines you buy you only need one Electric Winch Crane.

  • Size: Height 2.80 meters
  • Electric Power: 220V – 240V AC


For the production of high quality crystal clear ice sculptures you will need our Reusable Ice Sculpture Machine Molds. These molds are made out of natural rubber and reinforced with fiberglass frames. These molds are reusable and if properly taken care of will last for many years. We have a large variety of designs for almost all social and corporate events. Special designs could be made available upon request of anyone who interests for this venture.


For the production process you will need to use 4 Special Tables designed and manufactured by us.


ice-sculpture-making-machine You will need to have access to a deep freezer room at minus 10 degrees C in order to store them. You can keep the ice sculptures there as long as you wish. We recommend no more than 12 months. The size of the freezer room depends on the number of production machines you intend to purchase. We are using a 300cm x 400cm x 250 cm freezer room for 10 “Hercules” Production Machines. We do not supply freezer rooms as it is more economical for you to purchase locally. We recommend you shop for a used one if possible.


We have developed two illuminated displays for the presentation of your final products. These displays are illuminated underneath with LED lights battery operated and colored with 3 different acetate filters (yellow, red, blue). Furthermore, the displays are specially designed to collect the melting water. The placement of them on the illuminated displays creates a magnificent and stunning presentation. As you see, we provide you with everything you need in order to start you new venture.